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Mobility in lower secondary school

Mobility in lower secondary school may take the form of inter-school projects (organised at a local or European level); different types of class visits to a foreign country, or language institutes; long-term schooling in a foreign country; or virtual interaction with peers from different communities or countries.

Lesson plans

PluriMobil offers 13 lesson plans for lower secondary school and ready-made materials that support the entire process of a mobility project and aim at developing:

  • plurilingual competences;
  • intercultural communicative competences;
  • autonomous learning skills

Download lesson plans in English or in French

PS: If you are using our tools for the first time, we recommend that you read the PluriMobil quick start guide first.

PS: The PluriMobil handbook provides more thorough information about mobility activities in lower secondary school (see chapter 7).

Good practice

  • Freizeit/Free time. 
    Teacher: Michelle Vella Gobey, Teacher of German and Head of Department for German in Catholic Schools, Malta

Learning scenarios

PluriMobil lesson plans support all stages of a mobility experience: preparatory phase, the mobility experience itself and the follow-up period.

Sample exercises your students can be engaged in before, during and after a mobility experience:

The mobility scenario template may help you to plan your mobility activity:

Find out more about learning scenarios how to use the template in the PluriMobil quick start guide or in the PluriMobil handbook.