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Plurilingual and intercultural learning through mobility
Practical resources for teachers and teacher trainers

PluriMobil is a teaching tool that offers activities and materials to support the plurilingual and intercultural learning of students for the phases before, during and after a mobility activity. This tool can be adapted to multiple mobility projects across all educational levels.

PluriMobil offers a set of practical training tools to plan your mobility project

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The aim of PluriMobil is to develop students’ ability to discover other languages, cultures and people, and new areas of knowledge. We hope that their mobility activities will also be part of their personal development as individuals. To this end, PluriMobil’s pedagogical tools aim to improve students’ communicative and plurilingual skills, enhance their intercultural competence and expand their language awareness and language learning strategies.

Lesson plans

The core element of PluriMobil is five sets of lesson plans designed for different levels of education: primary school, lower secondary school, upper secondary school (general education and vocational education) and teacher training. These lesson plans provide a wide array of hands-on activities and ready-made resources that will help teachers and teacher trainers prepare their students for participation in a mobility activity and guide them through it.


PluriMobil consists of:

PluriMobil handbook
It explains why it is necessary to support learning mobility. It also demonstrates how to use lesson plans in different types of school.
Download the handbook
(also available in French)

A quick start guide
PluriMobil in a nutshell.
It is a concise instruction manual for teachers and teacher trainers who use PluriMobil for the first time.
Download the quick start guide
(also available in French and German)

Five sets of lesson plans
for 5 target groups. They provide an array of practical activities and ready-made resources that support a mobility experience.
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Is PluriMobil for you?

You are a teacher trainer or a teacher in primary, secondary (lower and upper) or vocational school

Your students/pupils are about to get engaged in a mobility or to start cooperation with other schools via ICT. 

You want to develop your students’/pupils’ language and intercultural competence

You want your students/pupils to be autonomous learners

Yes, PluriMobil is for you!

The PluriMobil project, the lesson plans and the ideas will be very useful as I plan for future school exchanges.

 Rhoda Brookes - Coláste Bhríde Secondary School, Ireland




Download the flyer in English, French or German




For ongoing activities, see the ECML Training and consultancy page:
Mobility and intercultural learning

These pages result from a project run within the ECML's Learning through languages programme entitled "Plurilingual and intercultural learning through mobility" (PluriMobil).
Find out more about the project here.