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Mobility in vocational secondary school

PluriMobil offers a set of lesson plans for upper secondary students who are undertaking their initial training at a vocational school or during an apprenticeship, and who are offered the possibility to go on a work placement in a host company. A work placement abroad can be a particular challenge for young people. Firstly, they have to do their job in a foreign language that they may not speak very well.  Secondly, they have to cope with a different cultural and linguistic working environment in which rules, values and norms may be different than the ones they know (for example, concerning dealing with their superior(s), hours of work, socialising, etc.).

Lesson plans

PluriMobil offers 9 lesson plans for vocational secondary school and ready-made materials that support the entire process of mobility. 

The pupils involved in mobility will be the citizens of tomorrow. Consequently, their stay abroad/in another community will aim at different kinds of objectives:

  • plurilingual competences;
  • intercultural communicative competences;
  • intercultural competence in the workplace;
  • autonomous learning skills.

Download lesson plans in PDF or in DOC format

PS: If you are using our tools for the first time, we recommend that you read the PluriMobil quick start guide first.

PS: The PluriMobil handbook provides more thorough information about mobility activities in vocational secondary school (see chapter 9).

Learning scenarios

PluriMobil lesson plans support all stages of a mobility experience: preparatory phase, the mobility experience itself and the follow-up period.

Sample exercises your students can be engaged in before, during and after a mobility experience:

The mobility scenario template may help you to plan your mobility activity:

Find out more about learning scenarios how to use the template in the PluriMobil quick start guide or in the PluriMobil handbook.

Mobility scenario template (available in English, French and German).